Start growing

Spring is by far the most invigorating and refreshing season for me. My senses go into overdrive with the the smell of the earth warming up and the lakes melting away, the sounds of the birds coming home with a song to sing, the way the pale light of spring colours everything in yellows and greens, and of course the bitter taste of the first spring greens.

The change in seasons brings about changes in the body too. It is my favourite time of the year to detox as it coincides with new growth and new beginnings. There is something about the air and the light of the season that makes me want to tap into that growing energy and make changes within myself.

Much disease comes from congestion and stagnation in the body, specifically the organs, tissues, circulation, lymph, and cells. The change in seasons signals the body to detox naturally. By completing a liver detox protocol in the spring you are maximizing your body’s ability to clear congestion and stagnation from the body after a winter season of being indoors in recycled air, reduced movement, and heavier meals.

Follow the natural rhythms of spring and check out my detox program.

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