New Beginnings

This option is perfect for the individual who wants to live a healthy lifestyle by improving their nutrition with support and guidance.

Your consultation includes a complete nutritional assessment, a 45 minute virtual or phone appointment, and a custom diet and supplement plan.


Supplement Consultation

Ideal for clients who want to try certain types of supplements, but are unsure which one will benefit their specific needs. With thousands of different supplements available, it can be overwhelming trying to determine what supplement is right for you and which companies actually deliver results. As a nutritionist, I have practitioner privileges with a number of reputable companies including Metagenics, Genestra, Cyto-Matrix, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Labs, and Designs for Health. I will work with you to determine what your body needs and which supplements will deliver the results you are looking for.

$50 (one time fee)


An opportunity for existing clients to check-in, move to the next phase, or discuss any challenges that have arisen, a phone or virtual follow-up appointment can be arranged to ensure your continued success.



Perfect for the individual seeking some inspiration in order to facilitate a lifestyle change and finally reach their individual health and wellbeing goals. This program is designed to make sure you get the most out of your commitment to a healthier you.

Your program includes a nutritional assessment, a 45 minute virtual or phone appointment to review your goals and challenges, a customized health plan including diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, and two follow-up virtual or phone appointments to review, modify or enhance your program.


Strength & Balance

A holistic make-over to yield big changes in a short period of time. This program incorporates mind, body, and spirit practices with nutritional guidance in order to break away from old, unhealthy habits and become the whole healthy person you deserve to be!

This program includes a nutritional assessment, a 45 minute virtual or phone appointment to go over your goals and challenges, a customized 30-day health plan including diet, lifestyle, supplement recommendations, as well as mind and spirit change challenges to assist you in breaking from old unhealthy habits, thoughts, and feelings that hold you back. This plan includes 4 additional phone or virtual follow-up appointments to help guide you through the program and work with you through any challenges that arise. The program is totally customized and can be modified throughout the 30-days to suit your needs.