Out with the old and in with the new…

The Christmas season is the season of magic, the season of celebration, and the season of indulgence. Every year I find myself eating cookies and chocolate and all sorts of delicious holiday delights with not much worry about the consequences. January inevitably rolls around, and I scale back on my indulgences (though there is a “weaning period” the first week or so of January) until I am back into my regular eating style. I don’t tend to stay “off the rails” for very long nor do I seem to suffer too many consequences of my indulgences. Some would say this is luck, but I say this is method. I know many people who binge the month of December and then flip and have a clean and dry January. In some cases, this serves as a “reset” but I often see how this dramatic feast and then famine approach sends people into a downward spiral for the remainder of the winter. While I do set goals every new year, I don’t do anything extreme. For me, I like to take the mindset of indulgence and switch it from sugar and alcohol to the indulgence of antioxidants and nutrients. The idea is to continue the feast, but make it one that replenishes the body of nutrients while eliminating some of the unhealthy by-products of too many anti-nutrients.

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Stay well my friends!

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