New Beginnings…

Welcome to my website! I am very excited to finally be at this point in my life and in my wellness journey.

If you have visited my About Us page then you know the basics of who I am and what I am up to. I’ll leave the rest of the story for later. I love books that just dive right into the heart of the story without the reader having to wade through the prologue and the first few chapters to get the back story and the roots of the characters. I much prefer getting tidbits of the character’s history and story along the way as it becomes relevant, so that is how I plan to model my posts.

So my beginning is today is on a Wednesday afternoon while my youngest son is napping and my other son is at school. I just threw a chicken in the oven and am typing up my first post for my website. Multi-taking as a mother – you know it!

I want to talk a bit about what I do for my clients at Healthy Fern. Most of us have a basic knowledge of what foods are “good” for us and what foods are “bad” for us, so why isn’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle easy? Why do people have so many health issues despite this knowledge? Because changing someone’s mind with just information is hard. Changing someone’s behaviour with just information is even harder!

At Healthy Fern, I support my clients on their journey to optimal health by helping them build a new lifestyle using nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. I help the client achieve a wellness lifestyle based on their specific needs and constraints. Trendy diets and fads have a short lifespan because they are too broad and they rarely dive deep into the mechanics of the individual’s lifestyle. I look at myself as an architect helping you create your dream wellness lifestyle with a custom plan that fits your style perfectly, and not a pre-fab design being sold to thousands of people.